The Christmas Shrine

I wanted to share the story of the Christmas Shrine. I think I share this with a stepmom just about every year. It's time to share on my blog. This is my story, my Christmas shrine.

It was early in our early marriage, I was adjusting and still figuring out how to handle holidays. It was a year that my stepson would not be with us for Christmas. I was struggling with that. Struggling with some personal issues, and just in my feelings, trying to figure out - how to manage it all.

So I decided, what was the point of putting up the tree and doing the whole deal if my stepson wasn't going to be home? My husband and I were celebrating elsewhere and it just didn't seem worth the effort.  I pulled out a few favorite Christmas decor items, piled them on the coffee table, and called it a day. I didn't think anyone would notice or care anyway.

Oh. They noticed. My husband and stepson labeled it Emily's Christmas Shrine and they have never let me forget that year!

While it may not have seemed important because we would not be together on the date of December 25, what I had not learned yet was in blended families, life is not based on that date on the calendar. And my emotional mood/tone was more powerful than I realized.

I have come to understand that our families are stronger than the date on the calendar. And as women in the home, while we may struggle with our thoughts and feelings and where we fit in this family - you have much more influence than you realize.

At this stage of my life, I still struggle at the holidays. But I have learned to make the effort, if not for myself - for them. That's why I wanted to share today. I'm not a life coach, I'm not saying - follow me! Do this! Put up your tree! But maybe my struggle will resonate with someone who is struggling this year. Maybe you'll watch that favorite Christmas movie or turn on the tree lights and start to find a glimmer of joy with your family. Maybe this will spark a change in attitude, because someone else understands, and it will help change the tone at home. Maybe don't do the Christmas Shrine 😂 And make some Christmas cookies for the family today instead.





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