The Blended Family Devotional for Couples by Emily Jordan
June 23rd, 2022
It is with joy and honor that I share my book, The Blended Family Devotional for Couples. Available for purchase wherever books are sold.“If you are a couple in a blended family, you are in for a trea...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
Review: Stepparenting the Grieving Child
February 26th, 2022
I have recently had the pleasure to read Stepparenting the Grieving Child by Diane Ingram Fromme. The book is a resource for stepparents of children who have lost a biological parent. While I am not i...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
Verse of the Year 2022
January 20th, 2022
Every year we pick a theme verse. This year I felt drawn to choose a purpose as well. When I think of you all, I want so much to see your face, give you a hug and let you know - yes I actually do pray...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
Taking Photos as a Couple
December 21st, 2021
I've been working on a project and can't wait share those details with you soon! To prep, I had to get some new head shots taken. While working with the photographer, I asked if we could take a few wi...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
Scripture Memory
October 3rd, 2021
Hello Joyful Stepmoms,Scripture memory has been on my mind lately. When I don't have a verse right on the tip of my tongue, it's easy to Google/search on the Bible app/etc. We are encouraged to store ...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
The Bucket List
July 21st, 2021
Hey Stepmoms, hope your summer is going well! Ours has been full of family and home projects. We are keeping busy and enjoying some down time after a crazy school year.The idea of making Bucket List h...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
Review: Waiting to be Wanted
June 26th, 2021
Thank you to Cheryul Shumake for sharing her book and workbook with me!  "Waiting to be Wanted: A Stepmom's Guide to Loving Before Loved" arrived and I was so excited to see the content. With a just a...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
May 15th, 2021
But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.    They will soar high on wings like eagles.They will run and not grow weary.    They will walk and not faint.Isaiah 40:31 NLT I've had this ima...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
Review: Blended, A workbook for blended families
April 14th, 2021
I think a lot of you will be familiar with Summer Butler. She has a strong social media presence. and is the founder of Blended Book Co. which includes writing, speaking and chapters. I recently had t...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
March 23rd, 2021
One year. It's all over my social media, so I'm sure you are well aware of it too. It's been one year since the pandemic began wreaking havoc on our daily lives. A mark in time we didn't want. But as ...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
Prayer of Jabez for the Year
January 16th, 2021
Last year, our pastor began 2020 encouraging us to pray the Prayer of Jabez every day. It felt like a great challenge! Scary, actually! Enlarge my territory? I'm not sure I want to pray for that.Then ...  Read More
by Emily Jordan
Help for Remote Learning!
September 11th, 2020
Stepmoms, I'm excited to share this resource for you! A few weeks ago I saw Heather Hetchler do an IG video that she would be working on some school and COVID resources. I reached out and said "Please...  Read More
by Emily Jordan