The Bucket List

Hey Stepmoms, hope your summer is going well! Ours has been full of family and home projects. We are keeping busy and enjoying some down time after a crazy school year.

The idea of making Bucket List has been around for awhile now. If you aren't familiar, a Bucket List is kind of like a wish list or to do list. It's a collection of things to do or places you hope to visit before you turn a certain age or just at some point in this lifetime.

Lately, I've been feeling a whirlwind of emotions. Our son graduated from college, he's moving into this next phase of young adulthood. We've been living under a legal agreement right up until his graduation. The mix of his graduation and the final chapter of this legal experience has churned such a mix of joy and reliving the past in my heart.

I think this is what sparked the idea to jot down a couple items on a Bucket List. I thought, now that we are moving into this next phase, what are some things I'd like to do? Don't get too excited, stepmoms. Ha! There's nothing too interesting on my list. No trips to Europe or cruising around the world. I'm a pretty simple girl.

I wrote down just a couple items that I've wanted to do for a long time. The only thing stopping me on most of them is making the time. So last weekend, I checked one off! And it was really fun. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 11 years ago. I am healthy, happy, and would gladly eat this way to experience the healing in my body. There is a fabulous, well known gluten free bakery just a small distance from my house. I've always wanted to go.

I am so glad we went last weekend. There are a lot of places that offer gluten free options anymore. But it's so nice to walk into a completely free space where everything is available and safe for me....and yummy!

Now I'm excited about the other items on my list...a couple of those are food related as well. Ha! Sensing a theme? It will take me awhile to get through this, and that's ok because I like to savor the moment and not rush things. I'm enjoying the journey. 





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