Review: Stepparenting the Grieving Child

I have recently had the pleasure to read Stepparenting the Grieving Child by Diane Ingram Fromme. The book is a resource for stepparents of children who have lost a biological parent. While I am not in this position, there are parents in our ministry who fit that role.

I was interested to read this resource as a way to educate myself. But it has been more than just a textbook, Stepparenting the Grieving Child has touched my heart.

Diane shares about her experience as a stepmom to children who lost their mother before she came into the family. She shares her emotions and the stages of grief the family experience together. Diane documents timelines and shares research with tenderness and empathy.

The discussion was interesting and broke my heart wide open for the whole blended family in a grieving situation. I greatly appreciated the amount of research poured in to the book. This was balanced well with personal story for a gentle approach.

For the stepmom in a such a special role of parenting a child who has lost their biological parent, I am pleased to be able to recommend this resource. 





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