Taking Photos as a Couple

I've been working on a project and can't wait share those details with you soon! To prep, I had to get some new head shots taken. While working with the photographer, I asked if we could take a few with photos of me and my husband as well!

Many blended family couples will get this. I started to feel a little...guilt, or unease? Was it OK for us to take pictures as a couple and not include my stepson?

My stepson is an adult now. Why would it be weird to take pictures without him? Well, because we've never done that! As a blended family couple everything from early dates to engagement photos to wedding - the typical couple moments - were family affairs. Yes, of course we have pictures of just my husband and I, but it's rare folks! Most of our photos are family pictures.

So when we had this opportunity to take a professional photo of just us as a married couple, it felt a little weird. This feeling has come up with other blended families in my ministry and now that I have experienced, I wanted to share - yes, it's a thing! And you know, it's OK. It was OK to take the photos. And I love them so much!

See below for our couples photo and sneak peek of photo for my upcoming project - come back for news!!





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