Guest Post: Oceans

So happy to have Kem at My Blended Family Confessions guest posting for us!

Oceans   Nothing can describe blended family life more than the ocean. In all it's majesty and power, there is nothing about the ocean that is constant. Researchers devote their lives trying to figure out the ocean's depths, the life undiscovered there and the reasons why it behaves the way it does. Each answer we find leads us to more unanswered questions. The ocean cannot be completely known, a mystery that is both mesmerizing and frightening at the same time.

Blended family life often feels more like the storm brewing over troubled waters, a lurking danger. We feel helplessly attacked, sometimes by the ex or other outside influences and even more frequently, by our own unmet expectations and insecurities. Most days are somewhere between a gentle rain and a hurricane...the storms of life.

Like the ocean, we are resilient. Even after the fiercest storm that threatens to tear us apart, we will still have moments of sunshine, peace and calm. We can close our eyes and breathe in all the good and perfectly imperfect blessings in our lives. We know, that even in the gentle, rolling waves; we are forever changed by the tide.

Every wave molds us into something new...different but still spectacular. If you find yourself in a barrage of endless crashing waves, hold tight. You do not have to be capsized by the waves of blended family life, but be called above them by a God who loves you and wants good things for you and your family.

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