For Love of the Guys

It will come as no surprise to those in ministry that The Joyful Stepmom is some what a family affair. This is not a one woman show! Many know our Ministry Team who supports stepmoms through social media. 

And then there is my family. The one's who listen to me, pray with me, and have business meetings with me. My husband and parents are amazing. They so lovingly follow along with my little side project that has turned into a passion. If you click on anything on this website, see anything from a Dad's perspective, it's my husband's tech wisdom and influence. If you received anything in the mail from me (Hello Local Chapters!), my parents helped make that happen. 

At the end of 2017, I sent a Year in Review letter to my parents. My in-laws had also been following the ministry, so I sent them a letter as well. I signed their note: 

For Love of the Guys, 
My Why
Belong Magazine is my favorite resource for women in social media and blogging. Issue 09 challenged readers with an article called "Rediscover Your Why" by Ashley Beaudin. The author asked us to examine why we started writing/ministry, what drives us to do our work? 

I've told the story of how The Joyful Stepmom began many times. You can read about it in other areas of the blog and our social media. But the very heart of my why is simple- For Love of the Guys. I'm just crazy about them! And I believe through whatever avenues, the Lord brought our family together. 

They are the driving force behind my passion to reach out to stepmoms. I believe the Lord calls us to our family and to be a stepmom. It's the role of a lifetime! It's such an opportunity to walk with Christ. And to have a tiny platform like The Joyful Stepmom, where we can encourage each other to do that is such a gift. 





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