Dear New Stepmoms

Dear New Stepmoms,

You are on my  heart this morning. You made it through the start of the school year!  The holidays are fast approaching. We want the best at this time of year. We knock ourselves out creating memories. We drain our wallets buying presents.

I'm a little further down the road than you. I want to give you a word of encouragement before the Turkey comes out and the presents are under the tree.

I'm going to be honest, it hurts when you wake up Christmas morning and the house is quiet. Plan for those years. Make "off year" traditions too. But it's also ok and really good to celebrate holidays whenever you are together. Teach your children, and your own heart, that being together matters more than the date on the calendar.

They won't remember if they were at Mom's house or Dad's house that year. They won't remember how many presents were under the tree. They will remember how we acted about the holidays. They will remember that you made them feel loved. You made them feel at home.





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