A Little Holley Gerth Wisdom

I love Holley Gerth. Her writing has been important to me at 2 points in my life. One of the reasons I said Yes to starting this ministry- I was in the middle of reading her book You were Made for a God Sized Dream.

I'm not sure I can pinpoint a specific quote or passage in the book for my A-ha! moment. I was reading it during a time when I felt a stir, and then a little opportunity presented itself in the shape of a Facebook group with just a handful of Christian stepmoms who wanted to pray together. But someone needed to "admin" the group. And through reading this book and praying, the Lord prompted my heart to say, "Emily, you can do that." God sized dreams as we look at what the Lord as done with that little stirring. 

The second writing from Holley was a small article she wrote about being childless. I had spent a long time being angry with God over a miscarriage, health issues and infertility. I stumbled across this little blog post and it changed my perspective. Again, not sure there is any one quote that stands out. But her declaration that she was done with the infertility journey- and that was ok! God had healed her heart through other ways. He was using her to mother through different avenues and brought children into her life through paths that would good and perfect to His plan. I can't tell you how freeing this post was to my heart, my mental health and moving forward with my life. 

Why do I share? We all get stuck sometimes. We lose track of our dreams or get stuck in a pit. I'm praying for you today, stepmoms. That something, like my Holley Gerth moments, would speak into your life and move you forward with the vision God has for you. 

Image from Holley Gerth Facebook Page





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