By Tracey Forrest

​Have you ever watched one of those home renovation shows where they start out on what looks like a simple project, but when they are tearing the walls apart, they find a serious problem?

That's my family...

Under the surface damage that went on for years, that cracked the very foundation of my family.

For the first 3 1/2 years my husband and I were together, we were not married, we were not serving The Lord and we made many serious mistakes when it came to trying to "blend" our family.

This is not a debate on marriage, it is my story, and my testimony of what I have come to learn about the importance of the covenant my husband and I made with God when we said I do. 
We will be married for 4 years on February 25. That was the day our family renovation started. That was the day that changed everything. That was the day our journey really began.

These past 4 years were our demolition years. They have been so painful. The walls that each of us had built, were slowly demolished brick by brick, leaving us hurt, angry and divided. We discovered that our very foundation had crumbled to dust. There was nothing left holding us up.

Then Jesus...

A few months before our wedding day, my husband and I started attending church together. We actually got married because we both felt such a strong conviction about living together. We both had roots but had drifted back into the world long before we met. 3 years ago, I was baptized and I fully recommitted my life to Jesus.

That was when the new bricks of our family foundation were laid. Bricks of forgiveness, grace, prayer, relationship, understanding, unity, perseverance, dependence, peace, joy, love, and so many more. All carefully placed by the hand of God, in His time, presented as lessons that became less painful once we learned to submit.

Our marriage covenant became the most important aspect because there was a point where that was all we had. It was the mortar that God used to strengthen our foundation. Just 2 years ago, my marriage reached it's absolute lowest point. Neither my husband or I could remember why we even liked each other, let alone why we decided it was a good idea to get married. It was the fear of facing Jesus that made us stay. That's it. That's all we had.

2016 will bring about construction like never before and now that we have a foundation built by God, it is time for restoration.





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