Look Up for Miracles

I wanted to share with you a little from church this weekend. Our Pastor took the Easter story and focused on Mary Magdalene at the empty tomb.

Mary Magdalene was deeply devoted to Jesus. He saved her from demon possession, she left her home and followed him, and she was with him at the cross. Three days later, when they found the empty tomb- she was crushed. She could not understand where he was, why it was empty. She cried.

Hopelessness does not leave room for miracles.

When she looked up, the angels were there. Jesus was right behind her. And the miracle of Jesus coming back to life was revealed! In her hopelessness, she was consumed and could not see. She just needed to look up.

I pulled out a scrap of paper and was scribbling away during the message. So often, we get sucked into our mess and forget to look up. We forget to look around and see the angels, to expect the promised miracle. I wanted to remember Mary Magdalene at the tomb and share this part of her story with my stepmom sisters. Praying it speaks to you today as it did to me. 

Easter Sermon from Parkview Christian Church





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