Looking for a Verse?

We are so excited The Joyful Stepmom has been added to the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid! We have joined the ranks of writers like Sally Clarkson, Bible Love Notes, and The M.O.M. Initiative. It's a thrill to join the Blogger Grid with other writers professing faith through the written word. 

Throughout the year, we will highlight a few features of Bible Gateway that can enhance our study and quiet time. 

In a culture where we can "Google" or ask a speaker named "Alexa" in our home to get the answer to any question, how can we get the Bible at our finger tips? 

I love my Bible, feeling the pages and weight of it in my hands. But do you ever think, "What was that verse? I can only remember part of it." The Bible Gateway search tool is great for this. Type in what you can remember of a verse and voila! 

I also appreciate that we can use the search as a context feature. We can look up a common verse that we have memorized and is familiar to us. But do you the context of the chapter surrounding that verse? Bible Gateway will show you the surrounding verses and full chapter. It's a great tool to improve your knowledge of the Bible. 





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