Bible Gateway: Topical Search

As part of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, throughout the year we will highlight features from the site to enhance your Bible Study.

Today I wanted to focus on Topical Bible Study. A topical study focuses on a point of interest in our life. Maybe it's an area where we are struggling or we hope to see growth. The question becomes, how can we find specific materials or verses for that topic?

A Topical Bible is an amazing resource. I have a big, old copy of Nave's Topical Bible on my shelf. I love to open the old pages and look for just the right words God is speaking to me.

"Nave's Topical Bible is a book written by Orville James Nave and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. Nave was a chaplain in the United States Army and referred to his work as "the result of fourteen years of delight and untiring study of the Word of God." -Wikipedia

Bible Gateway has made Nave's book accessible to us online! Their passage lookup Search feature uses Nave's index to help you find just the right verses for your Bible Study topic. I love that this is available! Go check it out! 





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