Solid Foundation

We are in the process of moving. You'll probably hear more about it because it's taking over my life   Mr. Jordan and I are in the process of buying an older home that needs a little love.

We've had contractors, electricians, all kinds of people look at the home and tell us what it will need. But each time, at the end of the visit, the men will say, "It needs some care and maintenance but this home is well built. It's solid."

I can't help but relate that to our faith. It take maintenance! It takes care and keeping to stay close to the Lord. We have to work at it with bible study, prayer. A deep and fruitful relationship doesn't just happen. But if we build it with solid materials, even when we get a little lazy in our care- the foundation is solid.

Find your Bible. Memorize verses. Don't know how to pray? Just start with "Hey God, it's me." A little care and keeping goes a long way to keeping that foundation solid.
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