By A. N.
Imagine this:
You and your husband go out for a much-needed date night, trusting your oldest stepchild to get the younger children to bed at a proper hour. Upon arriving home--not late, maybe 9:30pm--expecting the littles to be in bed. The house is quiet and you look in a bedroom. Empty. Another, empty. Worry sets in and you dash around the house....You and your husband see the light on in the laundry room so you step up to the door and hear muffled conversation.

"I hate when she makes us clean the kitchen. Mom's right--she's a slave-driver! What does she DO all day, anyway?"  "Yeah, and dad just gives HER all of his money to spend. What about US? We need stuff, too."

How would you feel? Hurt? Angry? Probably both... And then... Furious! They don't know how hard you work to give them what they have. And what about everything YOU sacrifice for them?

They don't see the whole picture, do they?
How much more do WE not see the whole picture? What is God doing behind the scenes for us? How much greater was Christ's sacrifice?

Complaining hurts God's feelings. In doing so, we doubt God's very character. We deny that he is for our good. We crush any faith that He is and will be in the business of supplying our needs.

So, while bio-mom's antic-of-the-week is driving you batty, the stepkids are acting like they don't need to listen to you, your husband isn't parenting like you'd like him to... pray. Give it to God. Trust HIM to either show you how to handle it or He'll handle it for you.
He's got this.

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