Beyond the Brady Bunch

The Joyful Stepmom began as a small Facebook Group of praying stepmoms in 2013. Sometime in 2014, a member said "Hey! We should do Bible Studies together!" And so it began. Tomorrow (Monday, September 11) we will start our 24th study together. 

I love that we can do these studies and grow in our faith together. It is such a sweet spot of our ministry. To dive deep into the Bible, or to explore a blended family book and apply our faith- that is where we grow. And the idea that we can use the tools of social media to gather with our Christian stepmom just really fills my heart!!

Tomorrow we begin reading the book Beyond the Brady Bunch by the Alsdorfs. This was a member recommendation and I"m so glad we're digging in into it! When I first ordered the book and started to skim, this is the quote that stood out to me and made me say, "Yes! Let's read this together! I'm going to love these people!"
How do we conduct an online book study? We open a Facebook Book Study Group for a limited time (It is deleted at the end of the study). Stepmoms who are interested in participating are encouraged to find/buy the book if they can and join the discussion group. We typically read 2 to 3 chapters a week depending the material and length. I like to keep the studies moving so as not to lose interest, but also try to not move too fast! It's a balance. 

I appreciate that Beyond the Brady Bunch has general discussion questions at the end of each chapter. I hope that they foster good thought and application. Some are a bit abstract but all are definitely pointed straight at the heart issue of the blended family and how to apply our faith. I love that. I love that we are encouraged to walk this journey as Christians and that a firm foundation in the Lord sets our family stronger. 

Have you participated in an online Bible Study? 





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