Review: NIrV Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids

As a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, I am so pleased to have received a copy of this Bible for Kids.  I received this copy of The NIrV Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids as a free review copy. I am excited to go over some of the features for our stepmom readers and their families.

I love to talk about and share resources for our stepmoms. We often get requests in our Facebook Group for children's Bibles or devotionals. Here is an opportunity for us to look at a Kids' Bible and some of the unique features.

Right away when opening the mail, I noticed the vibrant colors of this Bible. They are sure to attract the interest of little eyes. The cover is also very sturdy. Great for hands to grab, hold and really dig in easily.

On some adult Bibles the books are tabbed or indented for easy finding. This NIrV Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids has color coded books of the Bible. It allows for easily finding your place and a little bit of color on the side of the Bible, which is really nice for children.

Let's look inside the Bible. You will notice in your adult edition, verses are often divided by a title heading. The division is subtle but helps in breaking up verses for understanding. This children's Bible also has title division between verses. I appreciated that it was fun, clear but still felt like reading a real Bible.

I do want to mention I felt the font size was a drawback. It seemed small to me for a child. Then again, personally I have graduated to a Large Print version. Perhaps the difference is standing out too much for my tired eyes. Ha!

The NIrV Illustrated Holy Bible for Kids is a wonderful edition for when your child is ready to graduate from a baby -ish Bible and up closer to a full edition.





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