Stepmom Tips: Tech

Confession, I'm an older stepmom. At least when it comes to technology. When my stepson was young and we were keeping track of calendars, it was all on paper. Our Family Wizard wasn't available. The advancements in technology and how they affect custody management are really helpful! We want you to know they are available to you.

Below we address a couple areas of frequent topics that come up in our Facebook group.

Favorite Calendar Apps:
Monitoring the schedules of two or more homes takes planning and organization. We often get asked about favorite calendar apps. There are two clear winners -
Cozi Family Calendar
Google Calendar
Each of these can be shared and color coded. They are mobile and laptop friendly.

Printing texts:
For clear and detailed documenting, we often need to save or print out texts.
This is tricky. A lot of stepmoms just screenshot and email to themselves. I have screenshot and printed at Walgreens as photos.
Apps that have been recommended: iexplorer, decipher tools

The below programs are available as software or apps. They cover a wide array of custody managements and we encourage you to look into their advantages. This is by no means an exhaustive list. 
Our Family Wizard
Two Homes app
Custody Toolbox





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