Prayer as Action

Pray about it.

What does it mean to be in the middle of a huge giant mess and someone says pray about it. What? It doesn't feel active or tangible. We want to run, yell, get our hands dirty!  And you want me to sit here and pray about it? 

Yeah. Praying is an act. An act of talking it out. An act of being quiet and listening. An act of standing on the promises in the bible and living out your faith for your family. It takes actively believing that on the other end of your heart cry is a loving God who will move the mountains. There's nothing passive about praying. 

Sit, stand, run, pound your fists in the air! It's your Father. Talk to Him about it. Read His words. Actively pursue Him. Yeah, there's a big giant mess. He knows. He's just waiting for you to talk to Him about it. For you to trust Him on this one, like a He has promised. It's not for wimps, it takes a lot of work. You better start praying! 





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