Reading the Bible Out Loud

Picture it's your first time coming to small group at church. You picked a comfy chair, the leader has gone around the room to introduce everyone. And now we're digging into the material. The book study questions start with some verses to read.

And the leader asks YOU to read the first verse.

What?! Why! Can't we all just read it silently in our heads! We have the app on our phones, let's listen to the audio play. 

Bible Gateway gives us some tips on why reading scripture out loud has value. I really appreciated the points in this devotional. Let's look at the main takeaways:
1- Multisensory: We add hearing, not just sight
2- Retention: speaking the verse aloud improves our memory of it
3- Reading aloud slows us down: We are able to process the verse more thoughtfully

For your next personal time, try reading your Bible out loud. Slow down your reading and really hear the words. Bonus, you'll be extra prepared for small group. 





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