Pecan Pie

I am not a baker. I can handle chocolate chip cookies because that is just a necessary life skill. But anything beyond that is just not in my resume. I don't know what the problem is! I think my level of patience just does not extend to the measuring and timing and tender care it takes to bake. 

My husband's favorite dish for Thanksgiving is Pecan Pie! When we got married, I had never made a pie! He made it the first year. And I made it (poor dear man!!) the next. Pecan Pie has become a tradition at our Thanksgiving table wherever we are celebrating. 

But here's where we have compromised: we do not always bake it ourselves. 

I know! The bakers and traditionalists are leaving in shock and horror right now! The rest of you, keep reading. 

Marriage and blending a family is about bringing together not just people but each other's traditions as well. The annual Pecan Pie may seem small but makes family members feel welcome and included. Intentional gestures like remembering the pie can bring a new meaning to your own holidays and go a long way in blending your family. 

One thing we learn early in blended families is flexibility! Holidays are complicated. Things get messy, we don't always celebrate on the "right" day on the calendar, and things never go as planned. Stepmoms often wear themselves out trying to arrange the perfect holiday and create memories. 

This is why we buy the pie. We keep to the tradition, but we ease up on ourselves. We have learned to be flexible and give ourselves grace during the holidays. 

A beautiful example of this is the story of Mary and Martha. I'm sure you are familiar but can read here.  Jesus went to visit his dear friends. Mary took the time to sit at the feet of Jesus and just be present in the moment. Martha was busy with her work and preparations, she couldn't slow down. There is great value in our work and prep! Stepmoms, we have a lot on our plate! But there is also a time to just buy the pie and be present with our families. 

If you'd like to try baking your own Pecan Pie, here is the recipe from Pioneer Woman. I love her relaxed style and easy to follow pictures. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 





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