Prepare Your Heart for Court

By Emily
I had no idea when I joined a blended family that I would suddenly need to become a legal expert! Deciphering parenting agreements, following orders, calling lawyers, and court dates. The dreaded court dates.

Most of us know the amount of prep that goes into court. Weeks, even months of work! All that time spent on preparing your case for an earthly judge to make decisions for you. Let us not lose sight of the One true Judge who is with us through the whole process and in the courtroom.

During our last visit to court, I made my spiritual walk just as important as the legal prep. Many stepmoms prepare their hearts and homes before court or during a legal battle. This is just one example, and a strong encouragement to make God part of your legal team.

As soon as we know there is a legal issue, my husband and I begin to pray. Holding hands, everyday covering this issue in prayer. We pray right up until we are sitting in the parking lot of the courthouse. If you do ANYTHING, you must pray.
Don't have the words or know where to begin?
     "Father, we come before you with open hearts. We lay this issue at Your feet. We pray
     for wisdom in decisions, strength for this journey, and grace under fire. Protect our
     marriage during this time. Keep us strong and united. Protect the hearts of our children. 
     Thank you for the promise that You know all (Heb. 4:13) and You hold us (Is. 41:13).
Second, we opened the Bible. Maybe that's something you do already or not everyday. Maybe you haven't seen your's in awhile. Go find it. Open the Bible and be reading God's Word everyday. Fill your mind with Him. Not the legal stuff, not your worries and mess. Cover your life in the Word of God.

Don't know where to start reading?
      The book of Job resonates with stepmoms, Job was a man who suffered and came
       away from that knowing God deeply. We also love the book of Esther, the story of
       a woman who's life took an unexpected turn. Sound familiar?! You can also join 
       She Reads Truth or Proverbs31 for online bible studies.

And on that day of court? Know that God is with you whatever the outcome. He has paved the way ahead and His ways are far greater than any man's decision.

Ephesians 6:10-18 "...Put on the full armor of God..." Sweet Stepmama's.
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