Christmas Letter 2019

Merry Christmas, Joyful Stepmoms!

Each Christmas I send a card to the stepmoms or ministries I've connected with and prayed for during the past year. However, at this point our group has grown so much I'd be here until next Christmas addressing envelopes!

 I am so grateful for the abundance. The Lord has brought together an incredible group of women to love and support one another in His name for the family.

Stepmoms, as we prepare our homes for the holidays - take one moment to prepare your heart. Sit with your morning coffee, close the door to your room, whatever you need to do to intentionally take a moment with just you and Jesus. Let the quiet fill you and His peace surround you.

The entire purpose of Christmas is a Savior. Born, lived, died and rose again just for you. Hope was born that night.

Wishing you a time of joy with your families,
Emily - The Joyful Stepmom 





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