Fervent the book

The movie War Room is a powerful depiction of what happens when we start to pray intentionally. Have you seen it? Stop. Run. Go now and watch it. 

Fervent is the companion book by Priscilla Shirer. It's a practical guide to strategic, intentional prayer. Stepmoms, I wish I could hand a copy to each of you. Picture me at your wedding. You walk down the aisle and say I Do. In one step you are a wife and have an instant family! This is the book I would place in your hand. 

If we want to be women of serious, fervent prayer, the Scripture will always lead us here. To forgiveness. 
                ~Priscilla Shirer, author of Fervent

Why? Strategy 9. This prayer strategy focuses on your hurts and forgiveness. 

If you aren't in a stepfamily yet, let me just break the news to you- this is going to hurt. Ladies who are with me in the trenches, you already know how important forgiveness is to a stepfamily. We are built from pain and loss. We come together and hurt each other a little more with our words or actions. It's a bumpy ride! But it can be really great! And we can see forgiveness. 

Strategy 9 focuses on our hurts and forgiveness. Stepmoms, you need this! I'll do my best here, but really? You should read the book! By reading the scriptures and walking through a strategy of praise, repentance, asking and commitment, we can get to freedom. Freedom from the anger and hurt. Freedom from carrying the burden of bitterness. 

Does it work? Will God take away your hurts? You bet! We have freedom in Christ, dear Stepmoms. I walked through a difficult season of anger. Man, it was exhausting to be mad and bitter. It took time. It took a lot of yelling and talks with Jesus. But He took that burden off my shoulders. 

Praying for your freedom. 





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