Straight Ahead

We are all familiar with safe driving messages. We hear it often! Don't text and drive, keep your eyes on the road. And I know we all agree it is a good and life saving message! Eyes up! 
Did you know, our eyes tend to direct our path? Like the reminder from this safe driving campaign: Eyes on the road! Keep your eyes forward! It reminds us that when your eyes are down or looking around, your car goes all crazy directions. But when you look forward, that's where your car goes.

Looking at the girl next to you, or in that second house,  doesn't help your own marriage and and family at all! Your eyes aren't forward! So your path is going to be all screwed up.

Many of us choose a word for the year. It keeps us focused, helps to start the year with good intentions and often spiritual direction. I like to choose a verse. My verse for 2019 is Proverbs 4: 25 (pictured above).

I have written on keeping our eyes forward in the past. It's an important message for women, but I think particularly for stepmoms.  Our family is pretty spread out, there are extra balls to juggle, the past can rear it's ugly head. There's a lot going on! But look where God calls us to look- forward. We are to keep our gaze focused, directly before us to where the Lord is calling us. Here's to a year of looking straight ahead.





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