Not Broken

By Emily

Today is my anniversary! I've been a wife and stepmom ten years. Wow, just wow. It seems short and yet I feel every moment of it at the same time. I know you understand.

So what do you do to celebrate such a big event? That's been the epic question at our house. Our date nights are pretty simple and routine, it is just the kind of girl I am. But should a ten year anniversary be fancy? Should we think of something amazing? I was stumped. Ha!

And then my teenage stepson chimed in. It's pretty rare that a teenage boy would have an opinion on anything! Let alone our anniversary plans, so this was pretty cool! And listen to what he said: Don't fix what isn't broken.

I tell you I was almost in tears. Here is my stepson, a child of divorce and plenty of other obstacles I never had to deal with in my childhood, looking at his dad and stepmom saying "This family is not broken."

My friends, we serve a faithful God. A God who heals the broken places. Blended families may start from a place of divorce and brokenness. But God heals, He binds up the wounds of the past. Rejoicing in that promise today!
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