The Whiteboard

I'm a visual planner. I don't think I was always this way. But as I get older (or life more complex- you can pick!) I prefer to see things mapped out in front of me. 

I love paper and pens. I usually have a journal in my purse, near my laptop, in the get the idea. I have the need to write my ideas down! Everything from little stories, ministry ideas to just my grocery list. It all just flows out of my fingers and I need to see it on paper. 

To plan for ministry, I use big sketch books or oversized journals. I need the space to write and brainstorm. When The Joyful Stepmom started to grow, I needed somewhere to map it all out. 

This big whiteboard was in my parents' basement. It's old, mostly used by children. It has a little ripple at the bottom and the metal frame is starting to show a little wear. I saw it and brought it home. At first, I just sat it against a wall and sat on the floor next to it. I mapped out where The Joyful Stepmom started. I wrote down all the ideas stepmoms had given me. I wrote down what the Lord had put on my heart. 

Over time, the whiteboard was moved to our office and given a permanent place on the wall. And the brainstorming continued. More plans with the Lord, all marked and scribbled with dry erase marker. 

We're making arrangements to sell our home. And with that whiteboard bolted to the wall, I had prepared to just give it up. Maybe I didn't need it. I can use paper. 

Would you believe, out of everything in the house, that whiteboard is the one thing our realtor suggested we change. It's one item we had to discuss what to do about it. I was so surprised! 

But then...why should I be? 

"For I know the plans I have for You, declares the Lord." Jeremiah 29:11. We have so much more planning to do for The Joyful Stepmom. Looks like the Whiteboard comes with me. We're not done yet. 





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