Next Study: Your Legacy

In Fall 2014 our Facebok Group started doing online studies together. We've looked at Nehemiah, Prayed the Scriptures, and this week we finished Keep It Shut. It has been such a blessing to look at scripture and pray together!

Beginning Monday, March 9, we will start our next study: Your Legacy by Dr. James Dobson! I am so excited to dive in to this book with you! The topics- passing on our faith, apologetics, prodgials- I think speak to all of us and touch a special place in the blended family.

Below is the reading schedule laid out from the Study Guide. I'll be posting discussion questions in the group. Look forward to walking through this with you! ~Emily

Week 1: Book Ch. 1-2,   Genesis 12 and Hebrews 11
Week 2: Book Ch. 3-4,   Acts 16
Week 3: Book Ch. 5-6,   Exodus 18
Week 4: Book Ch. 7-9,   Joshua 24 and Isaiah 6
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