Home for the Summer

The kids are coming home for the summer! Hurray! If you are a noncustodial stepmom who sees the kids a few days a month or less, summer is awesome! It is so exciting to have the kids home. 

It can also be a little overwhelming. What are we supposed to do while we're together? Nobody is used to the same routines or house rules. It is big adjustment for both kids and adults. Let's walk through a couple tips to keep summer smooth and fun for everyone. 

Start with prayer. Dedicate your summer to the Lord. Pray over the summer calendar decision. the emails you send, all of it. A simple "Lord, help me to work out these family details" or "Lord, bless our family time together." 

Post house rules for everyone to follow. Your family is a team. Don't expect kids coming and going to remember everything between two homes. Keep it simple and full of grace. Post a set of house rules for all to follow. Chores can also be posted so each person can see they are contributing to the family. 

Make a plan for fun and flexibility! When my stepson was little, he came home for one or two weeks at a time. We planned a few activities and some stay home days. Most of the time, he just wanted to be home and do normal everyday things with his dad. 

Stepmoms, make space for the kids to have one on one time with Dad. Give visiting children a chance to build that relationship. Show them the value of their Dad. Tell them how awesome he is or how much Dad loves them. Remember, you may be the only one who tells them and they need to hear it. 

Ladies, let's show grace to our families this summer. Let's embrace the season of summer and build up our families. 





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