Review: The Jesus Bible Artist Edition

As a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid,  I received this copy of The Jesus Bible Artist Edition NIV as a free review copy. When I saw the review opportunity for this Women's Bible, I couldn't resist! I am so pleased to participate and look over the features with you.

Right away, the cover grabs my attention. The bright colors make me want to reach out and feel this Bible. The cover is soft and pliable. Honestly, I've tried to keep this as a nice review copy, in the box on my desk, but I can't keep my hands off it! It's a Bible I want to open and explore.

Let's take a look inside. If you are a note taker, there are nice margins along the text. The paper feels nice. Of course it's thin Bible paper. But as I'm flipping around, nothing feels fragile or like it may rip.

There is an introduction to each Book. Devotional notes spread through the Bible are about a page and from some of my favorite authors - Max Lucado, Randy Alcorn and more! Sometimes devotions in a Bible can feel random and be an interruption. I appreciate the placement and "just enough" of those chosen. They feel appropriate and complimentary.

I will highlight an additional special feature. Many of us carry the YouVersion Bible app on our phones. The Jesus Bible Artist Edition has a matching YouVersion plan available. I like the tie between my hard copy Bible and online, it's a nice touch.

Keep this one for me! But next time a gift a Bible to a friend, guess what they'll be getting. Thanks again Bible Gateway Blogger Grid for the opportunity to review this lovely Bible. 





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