15 Minutes with the Punching Bag

Having a rough week? Maybe it's a tough day? I just wanted to share something a little part of my world with you. This is the punching bag in my garage. It's there because I'm in a stepfamily. And this is hard, right? There are days where it just stinks. We get angry, sad, whatever and you need your 15 minutes of going in the garage and pummeling the bag.
This isn't called The Joyful Stepmom because my life is full of hearts and unicorns. I know this is tough. I chose the name because after your 15 minutes...we have a choice. We can sit there in the stew and pull everyone down with us. Or we can move on and choose to fill our hearts with better things.

So go ahead stepmom, take your 15 minutes in the garage! Go for a run, scream into a pillow, hide in your closet and a call friend. But then, and this is the tricky part, let it go. Put the moment behind you. Pray, spend some time in the Bible, turn on your worship music and get back in there. Let the joy of the Lord reign in your heart!

If this is a punching bag kind of day? I'd love to invite you to our Facebook community. We would love to pray for you. 





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