By Emily

This week I was reading about Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I assume we all know her story but you can read about her in the Gospels. I was reading Luke. She was a teenager, making big exciting plans for her future with her fiancé Joseph! Those smarter than me say she would have been spending this time learning about the household and preparing for her life as a wife. She had the future laid out, like most of us do. And then it all changed, and turned out different than she expected.
 God showed up. He changed her plans for His own. He called her to another dream, another role. Mary was blessed to be the mother of Jesus. But this would have been a tremendously scary gift. It changed all her plans. Being the mother of Jesus was not easy-facing society, watching His suffering.
 Her story reminded me of what some of us face. We had plans-and they changed. We thought we could see the future-and God called us to something else. And this life? As a stepmom? It's not easy. But we seek Him, we trust His plans.
 God asked for Mary's heart, for her life, and she replied in Luke 1:38 "I am the Lord's servant. May your word be fulfilled."

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