Bury My Heart in the Psalms

December has been a busy season! It's like we flipped the calendar and Wow! Put on the tennis shoes and race to the end of the year! 

For my devotional time, when my head and heart are overwhelmed, I've been turning to the Psalms. It's such an amazing book of The Bible. Right smack in the middle, easy to find when you can't find anything else in your life. Simple to read chapters and easy to follow. Yet each chapter has a nugget. A nugget of worship and a nugget of wisdom. It's like God knew we would need this book!  Teasing you, of course He knew! 

Tonight I flipped my Bible open to Psalms and this little tiny notepaper fell out. I hope you can see my picture. I had labeled the note "2015" and written a couple verses from Psalms. At the beginning of each  year I like to spend some time on New Years Day choosing a few verses for the year ahead. And I had written them on this little note in my Bible. 

However, the year has been such a whirlwind I had forgotten all about my chosen verses! I love that I began the year in the book of Psalms and God has led me back and reminded me of His goodness as we finish 2015.

Reviewing my verses of the year is such a joy! Oh, how He has fulfilled His promises. Psalm 37:7 "Be still in the presence of the Lord." Be still has been a common theme throughout my year. Needing to take the time to sit in the Lord's presence, not asking for anything but just listening. 

I notice "Commit your actions" is listed twice! And this has been so important to my life this year. My husband and I have had changes, opportunities, decisions, and we have been reminded to pray first, commit our journey to the Lord. 

It was such a joy tonight to stumble across this little note and be reminded of how I started out the year, and see how God's promises have worked in my life this year. I just had to share! As I finish off the year with my heart buried in the Psalms, how has God shown Himself to you this year? 




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