Dear Stepmom, Happy Holidays

Dear Stepmom,

It's the holiday season. I wanted to write you a little note of encouragement! This can be a hard time for us. The holidays are a busy time for any family. However, they seem to just magnify whatever stepfamily stress we are going through.

The holidays in blended families are a whirlwind of emotion. Maybe you have a child coming home for the holiday and you want everything to be extra special! Or maybe that child will be missing the celebration this year and you are trying to make figure out how to celebrate in his absence. Do you have court going on? Marriage feeling rocky? Yep, the holidays can make it all feel overwhelming. And stepmoms are right there in the middle, trying to fix it all. 

I just wanted to send you a note and say, It's ok! We have all been there. We have all gone overboard on Christmas to make the family memories. We have cried on Christmas morning because one of the kiddos is not there this year. Hugs to you, Stepmama! 

​​In this busy season, let's remember a couple things together: 

1. Stay in the Word. If anything gets pushed to the back burner, it should not be your time with God. You need it! A simple prayer, a few minutes in the Bible -stick with it!

2. Be gentle with yourself. Missing the kids? It's ok to be a little sad. Can't get the house just perfect? Wonderful memories are about the people, not the things. Give yourself grace, be gentle. 

3. Be present. Dear Stepmom, don't get lost in the shuffle of the season. Look around at the lights, your husband's smile, the giggle of the kids. Be part of it. 

I am posting this at the beginning of the holiday season because we all have children and celebrations at different times. We all know, it is not about the date but about who is gathered with us. My sisters, I pray that God fills your heart with JOY this holiday season!

~Emily, The Joyful Stepmom




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