Faithful When Things Are Good

Often we turn to God in times of struggle and trial. It's natural to turn to Him when we need help. Psalm 121- "Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord." When things get mixed up in our blended families, we run to our Father. We cry out in pain, bend down in prayer. 

What happens with the waters are quiet? When things are good? 

I am currently in a season of calm with my blended family. We've been doing this for awhile. We gel, we all know how this works. The school year is off and running, everyone did their part to get things started and there is not much mess to it. And I am so grateful for this time of peace. 

I sat reflecting, a stepmom can get so used to being constantly on her knees in crisis for her family...what does she do when the storm quiets down? Does she say, Well that was great! Thanks God! And walk away? 

Pray Continually.    1 Thessalonians 5: 17

We are to pray continually. To never cease. When the storm stops, you pray anyway! Give thanks for the good. Pray for others. Continue to cover your family in prayer. The spiritual battle for our family never ends. 

We know where to turn when things get hard. Let's stay faithful when things are good. 




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