War Room In Action

War Room. Currently, it is the number one movie in America. My sisters, there is a big reason why this movie is making waves. War Room is a picture of God restoring a marriage. It takes a look at a broken family and the power of prayer. 

Right there. That is why this movie is top at the box office. Because families in America are broken. Because marriages all over are falling apart. And people are crying out for an answer. Why should you see this movie? Maybe your marriage is falling apart and you just don't know where to turn. Maybe things are great! This is a wonderful celebration and reminder of God's power. Whatever your situation, you will not be disappointed. 

Did you go? Did you see the movie? It was great, right?! So....now what? You feel good! What an exciting picture of restoration! And....now what. Do I just go back to sitting on my couch with my husband and Netflix? It feels like something has shifted, but I don't know what to do? 

Put the War Room into Action, my friend! 

In the movie, the characters Ms. Clara and Elizabeth clear out their closets and pray. They create a quiet place to be alone with God. This is such a great example of making your relationship and prayer life a priority! Personally, I pray in my laundry room. It is an electronic free zone! No cell phones, no tablets, no TV, no distractions. Well, there's laundry to fold but who are we kidding. Ha! My point is, find your space. Find your quiet corner and make it your War Room. Carve out that spot for you and God. 

Next up, how are we to spend our time in the War Room? Ms. Clara gave such a wonderful example of her prayer time in the movie. She had verses posted to her wall, she spent her time in specific prayer for people. And then my favorite part- her wall of remembrance. She tracked the answers to prayer to remember that God is faithful. Amen! 

Start with a list of the people you are going to pray for: your spouse, your children. Just like in the movie, list your specific prayer requests for these people. I think a fantastic part of the War Room was their example of intentional prayer. The women were not just saying "Lord, be with Tony." They were very specific in their requests, did you see? They asked to make him a good father, help me love him. Get specific. God knows you inside and out! It is ok to lay it all out there for Him! 

Listen, wait and expect God to be faithful. Watch for His answers to your prayers. Rejoice with great thanksgiving when you see His blessings! 

​To go deeper, check out the War Room movie resources page. 




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