Review: Our Family Wizard

In an effort to assist stepmoms with the practical side of blended family life, we are posting a review of the co-parenting software Our Family Wizard. Our facebook support group receives a lot of questions about this tool and we hope these reviews will be helpful. 

We have one review from a family that has used the software for awhile and will update soon with a review from a family that is new to the software. 

High conflict divorce is stressful for all involved. The Family Wizard became an invaluable tool for our family communication. We have used it for 5 years and it is now our only form of communication with BM. The features include email, which shows time and date it was read, messages cannot be altered after sent, and access can be granted to mediators/judges etc. The calendar feature is a great. It makes the schedule clear, including appointments, holidays, etc and allows both parents to request trades of parenting time. We also love the expense tracking and the ability to see what has been paid and what is outstanding.

It does take some getting used to. You must log in to the FW website or app to see emails. We consider this the best part as we are in control of when to read BMs emails. This way upsetting messages are limited from disturbing our work day/family time. At first BM was against using it. However her phone calls had gotten out of hand in their number and nature. We requested FW be ordered and it took some time for BM to adapt but now she uses it exclusively. The $100/cost of FW is worth the peace and structure it offers to our family.
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