Why We Need Our Stepmom Friends

By Emily

We all need a support system. People who will pray for us. People who will listen and encourage us on the journey. As the Bible says, “Where two or more are gathered…”(Mt. 18:20).

This summer I had the chance to have dinner with a few stepmoms. It was no easy task to find a time to meet! Everyone has busy schedules with jobs and homes to juggle. But stepmoms have a little extra slot on the calendar for custody schedules. Trying to get a group of stepmoms together with all the kids coming and going was a challenge! But well worth the effort to spend time together.

At this stepmom dinner, we shared the usual girlfriend chit chat. And we talked about life as a stepmom. One of us shared a legal trouble, and we all understood. Another stepmom was struggling to connect with her stepchild, and we knew that heartache. It’s a gift to have family and friends who will listen, who can stand beside us and pray. But there is something special about sitting beside another stepmom who just “knows.”

Dear sisters, my prayer for you is that you will have stepmoms in your corner. That you will make a connection with another stepmom. Whether you find support online, like our Facebook group, or through your church, I encourage you to seek out and treasure these relationships.




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