The Stew

By Emily

There are a whole lot of emotions going on in a stepfamily. And anger is a pretty big one! Broken marriages, hurting children, lots of words and actions flying around...we all know how it goes. We all mess up in stepfamilies and people get angry!

I understand! I can fume and stomp around with the best of them! And that's all fine for a moment. But anger has a price, doesn't it? It takes a toll on your heart. I went through a season of hard anger in my stepmom journey. Do you know what happened? I yelled at my husband. A lot.  My house got messy. My relationships with my friends changed. I was angry about a particular situation and THAT didn't change at all.

The Bible gives such wisdom about anger. Remember that verse about a season for everything? (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) God knows we are angry! But there's a season to be angry and a time to move on from that. Ephesian 4:26 Don't let the sun go down on your anger. Move on from that place, my friends! Don't sit in that stew! 

My dear Stepmama's, anger can be a huge beast in our lives. Let's pray together that God will take this one down for us.     Father, we come before you- not just a stepmom sisters, but as sisters in Christ- gathering together in faith!  Lord, we are in the stew of anger. We ask you to wash over us with Your healing grace and mercy. Help us to lay this burden down! And to walk in freedom with you. Amen!





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