Her Shoes

By Melanie Anthony, Author of "Daily Bread for the Starving Stepmom"

As my husband has always said, "honey, there are always two sides to every story." Of course, my flesh wants to argue with him and disagree however he makes a very valid point.
In the seven years I have been a stepmom I have come to realize that there are definitely two sides to every story.  There is my side as a stepmom and of course the side of my stepchildren. When their mom and dad divorced, as sad as it was, that event in their lives created a hole in their little hearts. One that, over time, God has begun to heal. This hole may have caused some confusion, sadness and a brokenness that can also cause dissention and chaos in your own home and your own heart as a stepmom. As a stepmom I tend to get caught up in the "woe is me" attitude and as a full-time one at that, I'll have to admit that my spirit can get a little tired and frustrated.
As stepmoms our job description is lengthy.  We clean, nurture, teach, encourage, discipline and there's more, but my point is that we are the parent.  All stepmoms are parents of children that are technically theirs.   Or at least feel like they are anyway.  It doesn't matter how you slice it they are yours in some capacity and as a mother figure there is an inherent responsibility, a God-given responsibility to take care of them.   But what tends to happen is I get caught up in all the "to do's" of raising kids and on top of that the emotion that is involved in it all. I'm talking raw emotion, the kind that takes you out and sometimes physically. One, that if not harnessed, can become destructive, not only in your relationship with your husband and stepchildren but with Jesus as well.
That's why we need perspective, and a Godly one at that.  We need to be reminded that our stepchildren were created by God and that their hearts matter.  It's not their fault that this hole was caused in their heart.  They deal with the pain in way's they only know how to and sometimes those ways are destructive.  Admittedly, as a stepmother I don't always deal with my emotions in a constructive way either.  It's always important to remember that your stepchild's side always needs to be taken into consideration.
Sweet sister, God also cares about your heart as a stepmom.  Probably more thank you know.  Remember that He knew you were going to be a stepmom before you were even born, so take heart. 
I was clearly reminded this morning reading a devotional that God makes everything beautiful in His time.  Allow His grace and patience (those beautiful fruits of the spirit) to reign down in your heart and in your home today. 




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