The Joyful Stepmom
Concerned about your social media privacy? Here is a crash course in how to check your privacy settings on Facebook. 
Two week prayer challenge for the Stepmom- Biomom Relationship. This challenge was written by Melanie of The Starving Stepmom and has changed many of us. 
Printable verse of hope for court and legal struggles. Prepare yourself spiritually. Great to print and tuck in your purse or keep with your documents. 
Struggling in the relationship with your stepchild? Take the 5 day prayer challenge. 
Our Facebook group and Local Chapters are great way to connect, but not everything should be shared online. Often we need to go to the Lord privately in prayer. Here is a prayer journal page just for those times! Write it out and save it look at back at the Lord's work in your life. Or ...vent and shred! 
These verses were collected by the women of The Joyful Stepmom as an encouragement to each other. This printable is divided in half so it can be folded and kept in your Bible. 
We love books! One of our most frequent- and favorite- questions is when stepmoms ask for recommended reading. We keep a reading list on Pinterest! Check back often for adding favorites! 


Counseling can be a game changer for your family! Check out our listing on Pinterest


Check out our listing of blogs by fellow stepmoms!  While you are on Pinterest, show the love to our stepmom entrepreneurs