The Joyful Stepmom


The Joyful Stepmom is dedicated to the ministry of Jesus loving stepmoms. I invite you to read our devotional blog, check out our Facebook group and join a Local Chapter. ​ The intentions of this ministry are to serve as a common ground for stepmoms of faith to find hope and a flood of constant prayer. Through social media, local chapters and the written word, we will seek to encourage stepmoms through our faith in Christ. 

​The Joyful Stepmom Verse of the Year (2016)
Ruth 1:16 ​"Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay." This verse is a promise between women.  It shows their bond and devotion to each other. I feel it is an amazing example of the bond between stepmoms. A bond often referred to as "Family" in our Facebook group. ​

​I think it's no secret that blended families make up a broad part of our culture today. And stepmoms are right there in the middle. Online communities are a growing outlet for us to search for help, resources, and not feel alone.  ​Why The Joyful Stepmom?  As a Christian, it's  important that I fill my cup with support that matches Jesus' heart and word. When we search online, when we ask for help- there should be a Christian stepmom on the other end willing to stand in the gap and pray with us. That is what we're all about. 
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Emily is founder of The Joyful Stepmom, an online ministry for Christian stepmothers. She has been married since 2005 and has a college age stepson. Her love for her family has developed into a passion for stepmoms and Blended Family Ministry. Emily served two terms on the Advisory Board for Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center and is a Contributor for Better Than Blended. The Joyful Stepmom was founded in 2013 as a Facebook group for prayer and encouragement. The ministry now includes Local Chapters and website with devotional resources.  For writing and ministry questions, contact Emily here: emily  @   thejoyfulstepmom . com