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Welcome to the Joyful Stepmom Ambassador Program

For several years, we served as a platform for the formation of small local chapters of stepmoms. These groups would organize bible studies, annual meet ups, dinners, etc. Like many ministries and churches, we recognize that the needs of our members are changing. Particularly in a blended family with multiple schedules and demands on time, it is not always feasible to meet in person. But the heart desire to connect more intimately, to grow stepmom friendships, is still present. Therefore, we are launching the ambassador program as a  way to foster stepmom friendship and open the door for one to one connection locally.

Hebrews 10:24: "And let us consider
how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds."

What is a local ambassador?
Local ambassadors are Christian stepmoms involved in the Joyful Stepmom community. This woman is willing to share encouragement, hope, and pray with another stepmom. This role is about connecting one to one for encouragement and friendship.

(Ambassadors are not professional coaches. If you are a coach, please see group guidelines. If you are a member seeking counseling, please see the posted professional hotlines.)

How does it work?
We regularly have stepmoms reach out for local connections beyond the main Facebook group. When a stepmom reaches out, we will forward that request to the correct ambassador. Local ambassadors are asked to make contact via chat or text. If you are comfortable with a call or meeting for coffee, great! We hope this program offers the opportunity for friendship for both the ambassador and those who reach out for hope. Beyond the initial contact, we encourage ambassadors to touch base occasionally to check in, keep in touch, and offer encouragement to those in their care.

How can I become a local ambassador?
To become a local ambassador, we ask that you are a current member of our Joyful Stepmom community. This ensures a familiarity with our guidelines and community. Interested members can fill out the contact form on our website or reach out via tjsmlocal @ A “get to know you” application will be sent to you. Please note, we are aiming for 2 ambassadors per state.

I’m involved in my church and want to be an encouragement to Stepmoms. I am not a member of the Joyful Stepmom Facebook group. How can I participate in the ambassador program?
Let’s talk! We are not about to stand in the way of God’s work and encouragement to stepfamilies just because you aren’t on social media. Reach out to tjsmlocal and schedule a chat with Emily.

Is there a local ambassador near me?
We have ambassadors located regionally across the country. Please fill out the contact form to be connected. 

Former Local Chapters utilized social media - do I need an online presence?
Our former local chapters used Facebook groups to organize, set up events, and stay connected. For our ambassador program, we are veering away from the use of social media. We recognize the changing needs of our members and see that when stepmoms reach out for local connection, they are looking for something more than the already established main Facebook group. We ask that ambassadors use other methods like the chat feature of Facebook, or connect via phone/ text.

I was in a local chapter. What happened to it?
The pandemic changed a lot for us. In person meetings dropped off and lives changed in the meantime. Many of our local chapters dissolved and went a different direction. However, there’s a good chance we’re still in touch with your leader or that your leader became an ambassador! We are happy to help you connect with them.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us at tjsmlocal @
As a new program, we are still working out the details and your question may help reveal a topic we had not considered!

Contact us!

We have Ambassadors available in the following locations:

We have ambassadors located regionally across the US: South, West, Northeast, Midwest. Please reach out through the contact form or our social media group to connect.

Interested in starting a stepmom small group in your area? The Joyful Stepmom Leadership Guide is still available on Kindle