Local Chapters

The Joyful Stepmom: Local Chapters began the summer of 2015 with stepmoms gathering for dinner or coffee across the USA. The desire to be in community has grown from there. We are honored to help stepmoms lead local chapters of this Christian ministry. I invite you to look for a chapter in your area! Or see below for information and Contact Form on starting a location near you.

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Do I have to be part of The Joyful Stepmom Facebook Group to start a Chapter/join a Chapter? No. We understand that social media is not for everyone. At The Joyful Stepmom we receive enough requests for connection beyond the screen that we just wanted to help facilitate that.

Are these groups Faith based? Short answer - Yes. To be listed on this page, Leaders fill out a Leadership Interview. The questions on the form are faith based. The Joyful Stepmom is definitely faith based. What happens in the discussion is up to the Local Leader, but we have done everything we can to lay a firm foundation.

Can I lead a chapter in connection with my church? I am with a church and am interested in hosting a chapter at our location. We love this! Local church support is beyond exciting! Here is a letter written by our founder that can be printed and used in starting a conversation with your local church. Contact Emily for a few postcards to pass out at your church.

I don't see a State/Location for my area. Please feel free to fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the page. We have a couple Local Leaders who are open for 1-1 online mentoring.

Can we meet virtually?  While the purpose of Local Chapters is face to face connection, we also want to foster friendships between Christian stepmoms. If we can get you connected to another stepmom in your State, but not close enough for regular coffee dates - Zoom it in for a coffee meet up. Our world is also facing a health crisis and social distancing is preferred. Absolutely use technology to connect with one another! We have assembled a small resource to help with virtual connection.

I only see States listed. Can we take this Internationally? That would be amazing! Go for it! All you need is a stepmom buddy! These resources still apply and we'd be happy to help where we can!

Interested in leading a Local Chapter? Click here for more info!
Or fill out the Contact Form!

Contact us!



Phoenix/Contact Nicole/Fill out the contact form below


Check out the Stepfamily Ministry at Saddleback Church!


Ontario/Coming Soon!


Littleton/ Contact Brandy/ Fill out the contact form to be connected
First meeting Saturday, March 26 at Atlas Coffee in Sterling Ranch


Orlando/Coming Soon!


Atlanta/North Georgia/Coming Soon! Fill out the contact form to be connected.


Boise - Treasure Valley /Contact Jennie   jennieterrel6 @ gmail.com


Bloomington/Contact Kelly/ Fill out Contact Form below
Peoria/Contact Amy/Fill out the Contact Form below




Bowling Green/Real Life Church  2714 Scottsville Rd.  Bowling Green, KY 42104/ Leader:  Kyleen Baptiste
Contact hello @ blendedfamilysuccess.com 
Flatwoods: First Pentecostal Church/Contact Heather Riggs/Fill out the Contact Form below


For questions, contact Jerrilyn through email at jerrsanders @ yahoo . com
Hartland/Contact Tiffany/Meets at Venture Church


Blaine/Contact Chelsea/Meeting monthly at Made New Church


Southeast Missouri/Contact Mamie/Join the SEMO Chapter Facebook Group for Info! 


Don't see a Local Chapter? Ohio has an Online Mentor: Mikaela/Fill out the Contact Form below
Greater Cincinnati-Norther KY/Contact Mikaela/Join the Greater Cincinnati Area/NKY Chapter Group for Info!



Salem/Contact Sara/Fill out the Contact Form below


Local Leader Janelle is available! Fill out the contact form below to be connected.



Georgetown: Contact Melanie Anthony at StepMoms ALIVE
Houston/Contact Heather or Amanda/Join the Houston Chapter Facebook Group for Info! 
Midland/Group is inactive Join the Permian Basin Facebook Group  to express interest!
San Angelo/Contact Rebecca/ Fill out the Contact form below


Williamsburg/Contact Joann/Fill out the Contact Form below
Central Virginia/Contact Lindsay/ Fill out Contact Form below



Burlington/Contact Mollie/Join the Southeastern Wisconsin Chapter Facebook Group for more info!
Mission Statement for Local Chapters. All approved Local Leaders have agreed to this statement: In this group we pray together, point each other back to Jesus and encourage each other in our faith. “We are more than just stepmom sisters, we are sisters in Christ.” Discussion should reflect our Christian community. Leader will stop discussions that spiral into “misery loves company,” stirring up discord and bickering among members. We do not allow foul language. We do not allow bashing. We believe you can talk about prayer requests without name calling or badmouthing. We feel that you can share without tearing down others. This is to be an uplifting gathering of stepmoms, and not dissolve into a trash session.
Group Mission Statement: I believe God calls us to the role of Stepmom, that He does not make a mistake when choosing us for blended family life. And this place allows us to walk together so that no stepmom need carry her burdens alone. The intentions of this ministry are to serve as a common ground for stepmoms of faith to find hope and a flood of constant prayer. Through social media, local chapters and the written word, we will seek to encourage stepmoms through our faith in Christ.

Disclaimer regarding events that are hosted by Local Chapters, Retreat Leaders, or similar social gatherings: By attending any events, you assume full responsibility for your actions and any associated financial obligations. Your participation is voluntary, at your own risk and expense. While Local and Retreat Leaders have been interviewed and approved by Emily of The Joyful Stepmom, the events are planned independently. Event organizers shall be held blameless for your actions. By attending you agree to these terms.