Eyes Forward

Eyes Forward. Keep your mind and heart focused on your own house. Right after prayer, I think this is the second biggest lesson and "go-to" in my stepmom journey. 

The world calls me to judge, to elevate my own achievements or put my own accomplishments first. In a Pinterest, Facebook, look at me society, we are encouraged to look at our neighbor and throw the first stone. In a stepfamily with two homes, it is all two easy to point out the flaws beyond the other door. 

The last year I've been reading my way through the Bible, crossing off one chapter at a time. Don't be impressed! I haven't gotten very far. This week I read Galatians. Look at Chapter 6 with me, particularly verses 4 and 5. Verse 4 says "Pay careful attention to your own work." Eyes forward, pay attention to your own house and your own actions. Take a look at verse 5, "For we are each responsible for our own conduct." Once again, eyes forward. We are not responsible for what happens behind the door of the other house. 

The children go back and forth, so what about them Emily? I know and of course I mean that we are to take care of our children, express concern where necessary. But at some point, we all learn the hard lesson: We cannot control what happens at the other house.

Read these verses from Galatians over again- Pay attention to your own work, you won't need to compare yourself to anyone, you are responsible for your own conduct. So many nuggets of wisdom packed into these two short verses! And they speak volumes to the stepfamily. 

Eyes forward. Look to your own house and your own actions. 




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