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Happy Fall!
Posted on August 29th, 2018

Hello Stepmoms, 
Thank you for your patience this summer! After many years of prayer and waiting, the time was right for my husband and I to move. Once we set the ball in motion, our very routine world went out the window! 

Chaos was probably the best word to describe our summer. My husband and I are pretty Type A, routine people. Moving was a big deal. Moving into a home that needed work? Let's just say it was "stretching." Haha!

My stepson is in his second year of college! I've had a hard time adjusting to him being independent. But year two feels a little easier than freshman year. I'm so proud of him and how he handles himself. I pray daily for his life choices and future. 

I've been asked "Why do you do The Joyful Stepmom?" Because I need it! This is the ministry I need. I need a group of Christian stepmoms who know what I'm talking about and are willing to pray for it. 

This summer we saw a tremendous increase in activity at The Joyful Stepmom! I'm so glad you are here with us. Thank you to our Ministry Team for leading and protecting us on social media. 

As we return to the routine of school, and I find my sense of normal, I wanted to let you know about our fall study. Like most branches of The Joyful Stepmom, in 2014 a member asked if we could do Bible Studies together. I said, "Sure, we can do that!" And here we are, about 30 studies later. We always do a fall study together as the children go back to school. 

This summer the Lord placed it on my heart to memorize Bible verses together. Members have been frequently asking for Bible verses for court, hope and anxiety. I remember vividly one season we were in court and I had written verses down on paper, brought my Bible with me to the court room. We entered the room and waited our turn before the Judge. I was so nervous about being there and the situation, that I pulled out my Bible to read the verses I had prepared. And an officer of the court came immediately over and told me I had to put it away. No books or items were allowed out in the court room. 

Picture yourself sitting at mediation, band concerts or Parent Teacher Conferences.  We can't always pull out our Bibles or YouVersion apps (which we love!) This is the time when we need to have Scripture memorized, ready in our heart to run through verses. Memorizing verses takes just a little bit of discipline and we are excited to exercise that spiritual muscle together. 

Join us this fall for Hide God's Word in My Heart. We will post the weekly Bible Verse here and in our Facebook Group. 

With Joy,

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