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God is your Life Preserver
Posted on May 22nd, 2015

By Melanie Anthony, Author of "Daily Bread for the Starving Stepmom"

Have you ever felt like you’re drowning? You can’t breathe, you’re fighting every step of the way, you’re tired and life is just plain hard. Today I read the most poignant blog post about surrendering your life and it prompted my spirit to write this to you today.

Here’s the story: There were a bunch of friends that went swimming one day. One of the guy’s got caught up in a current which was very dangerous and he started to struggle. There was someone on the shore watching that happened to be a lifeguard. He stood and watched this man struggle in the dangerous waters and didn’t do anything. As he was doing this the others were yelling at him to do something.

At this point their friend was struggling desperately. In an instant though, the struggle stopped and it was at that point that the lifeguard on the shore jumped in and saved him. The friends gathered around and yelled at the lifeguard asking them why he didn’t dive in sooner and rescue him because he could have died. The lifeguard calmly looked at them and said, “I had to wait until he was willing to give up, when the struggle had ended because had I tried to rescue him when he was struggling in his own strength we would have both drowned.”

Wow! Does that story resonate with you? It did me. We cannot fight this battle alone. This SM journey that we are on is hard and definitely has its challenges. But the good news is that God does not want us to do this alone. He wants us to depend on Him and Him alone. But it isn’t until we give up the fight that He comes in and rescues us. Surrender it all to Him today for He is with you every step of the way.

Father, we come to you today in complete and total surrender. We give it ALL to you; our anger, hurt, depression, fear and hopelessness. We give it to you knowing and trusting that you will always take care of us because you love us that much. Give us the strength to surrender. You promise to make beauty out of our ashes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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