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I Don't Deserve This
Posted on April 29th, 2015

By A.N.

Do you ever feel like you deserve better? When life is unfair, when people don't appreciate you, when the children aren't being obedient, when people aren't treating you with respect...

"I don't deserve this!"

I've said it many, many times... and then, I think, do I? What do I deserve? What is it that gives me the right to expect anything, really? I'm full of sin. My heart isn't always loving. I'm often crusty on the outside. I'm selfish. Sometimes I snap. I don't always say things right. I know I've hurt people.

Christ was sinless, loving, stood up for what was right; He reached out, healed, devoted his time to others and obeyed his mother even if it might have been inconvenient at the time. Yet it was Jesus who took my punishment to restore me to right standing with God.

What do I deserve? I'm pretty sure it's death by crucifixion.

Jesus accepted the beating, the humiliation, the execution I deserve. Now I'm redeemed, a daughter of the King! Everything I am, everything I have, my health, my job, my FAMILY, all the blessings poured upon me are GIFTS. I didn't earn them, that's for sure. It's all because of an obedient Christ.

Preaching to myself today, ladies, but thought I'd share my thoughts. I hope your week is starting out blessed.

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