The Joyful Stepmom
Emily Jordan lives in the Midwest with her husband and little watchdog, Buster. They are enjoying a new season of parenting as their son studies at college. Her love for her family has developed into a passion for stepmoms and Blended Family Ministry. The Joyful Stepmom was founded in 2013 as a Facebook group for prayer and encouragement. The ministry now includes Local Chapters and website with devotional resources.  The Local Chapters Leadership Guide is available on Amazon Kindle. Emily spoke at the 2020 Stepmom Connection, Childless Stepmom Event with Laura Petherbridge and Faithful Friday with Angel Blue.

Emily served two terms on the Advisory Board for Stepfamily Systems Co-Parenting Center and as a Contributing Writer for Better Than Blended. The Joyful Stepmom was listed on Bible Gateway's Blogger Grid for three years. She is a Facebook Power Admin - North America.

Emily has been featured on, Natural Health Ezine, Mamapedia, Mentoring Moments for Christian Women.  She was a contributor to Prairie Light Review, Orchard Press Mysteries and Taproot collections. She received an award from 2007 Editors Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry. Emily served for several years in small group women’s ministry and led her local MOPS childcare for a season. 
Emily is not a professional counselor or coach. She is not a legal professional. Blog content is written and posted in the spirit of one Christian stepmom talking to another. All content on the website and printable material is copyrighted by The Joyful Stepmom and the author. Content and resources are meant for stepmoms to enjoy and share. Please give all credit and do not copy, alter or sell material. The name "The Joyful Stepmom" is to be used only by Emily, this website, our connected social media and approved Local Chapters. 

This blog does not share personal information with third parties nor do we store any information about your visit to this blog. Comments are turned off on blog posts. We encourage discussion through our social media platforms where our Ministry Team monitors. The Joyful Stepmom takes a strong interest in online privacy and posts with discretion. Our Facebook Group and social media platforms adhere to strict privacy guidelines for the safety and comfort of our families. (Guidelines are posted in our Facebook Group). 

We do not support fundraisers. We are not set up to be this kind of resource. Please contact your local church or non profit organization for help. If you participate in a fundraiser for a member, or a buy a product they sell, you assume all associated risk. 

Mission Statement for Local Chapters. All approved Local Leaders have agreed to this statement: In this group we pray together, point each other back to Jesus and encourage each other in our faith. “We are more than just stepmom sisters, we are sisters in Christ.” Discussion should reflect our Christian community. Leader will stop discussions that spiral into “misery loves company,” stirring up discord and bickering among members. We do not allow foul language. We do not allow bashing. We believe you can talk about prayer requests without name calling or badmouthing. We feel that you can share without tearing down others. This is to be an uplifting gathering of stepmoms, and not dissolve into a trash session.
Group Mission Statement: I believe God calls us to the role of Stepmom, that He does not make a mistake when choosing us for blended family life. And this place allows us to walk together so that no stepmom need carry her burdens alone. The intentions of this ministry are to serve as a common ground for stepmoms of faith to find hope and a flood of constant prayer. Through social media, local chapters and the written word, we will seek to encourage stepmoms through our faith in Christ. 

Disclaimer regarding events that are hosted by Local Chapters, Retreat Leaders, or similar social gatherings: By attending any events, you assume full responsibility for your actions and any associated financial obligations. Your participation is voluntary, at your own risk and expense. While Local and Retreat Leaders have been interviewed and approved by Emily of The Joyful Stepmom, the events are planned independently. Event organizers shall be held blameless for your actions. By attending you agree to these terms.